The world of Blog….

Well, it has taken a few years…. but I have finally plunged into the blog world.  Looking forward to sharing my photo works with no limitations.  Now to organize the past 2-3 years of images!  Wish me luck…

12 Comments on “The world of Blog….

  1. GOOD LUCK!!! Not that you need it, of course! Love love love your shots and love you more. So proud of you. xo

  2. Mel
    Your photographic skills are astounding! You have an amazing eye and a sensitivity to capturing the human spirit. Keep it up girl!!!

  3. Mel, I am so glad you decided to “take the plunge” into blog world. Your photographs are so worth sharing. Keep it up. You are amazing!
    P.S Is that Jasmine among the can-can girls? Sure looks like her 🙂

  4. This is wonderful Melissa, you have done a really great job.. Good luck with this project.

  5. Fantastic photos! Enjoyed them very much and I will definetly want to get front row seats for next year!!

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